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> Hand Held Crystals

Hand Held Crystals

Hand Held Crystals

Crystal wands are commonly cut in 6, 8, or 12-sided shapes. Each different configuration of angles will create a different harmonic in the way the energy moves through the crystal. A majority of our wands are cut from electronic grade natural single quartz crystals. By respecting the individual nature of each crystal, I cut the wand with a configuration of angles that optimizes the nature of that particular crystal. Thus each crystal is cut uniquely and no 2 wands are identical.

For more information on crystal wands click here

Upon request, I will cut a wand specifically for you.

Each crystal is worked by hand in our studios at Lawrence Stoller - CrystalWorks.

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Clear quartz with ruby and rose quartz bottom


Natural crystal with polished tips


Brazilian double terminated with natural and cut faces and multi faceted tip


Round bottom quartz with tinge of color


Madigascar balance and harmony crystal with hair rutile


Double terminated clear quartz wand with floating calcite inclusion


Quartz point with chlorite and iron inclusions