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Welcome to our Resonant Art Gift Shop

The Gift Shop exhibits recently finished and currently available pieces of resonant art for purchase. Enjoy them for their beauty, mineralogical rarity, or resonating properties. We finish new pieces regularly so check back to see what else has become available.

I am a crystal artisan and lapidary. Thousands of crystals have passed through my hands and studio, where we transform latent crystal from rough and tumbled raw potential to being dynamic, energized, and alive. I have cut crystals for healers and art collectors, for technological applications, for rock hounds, rock stars, mineral collectors, gurus, meditators, for beauty itself, and for fun.


Mystic's HomeQuartz pendant with Gold RutileFire DanceAmetrine pendantBonfireRose de France pendantUnwaveringDouble terminated wandGaudi's NaturePentadodecahedronAmetrineAquamarine pendant