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> Custom Bronze Bases

Custom Bronze Bases

Crystals Love Light.

A crystal’s ability to broadcast energy can be greatly enhanced by proper orientation and lighting. Mounting a crystal on a lighted base can make a dramatic difference in the way you interact with your crystal, and the way the crystal interacts with you. A sculpted bronze light base designed specifically for the crystal will enhance its beauty. And there is a perceivable difference in the way the crystal feels as its resonance expands to fill a room. Like giving a microphone to a singer, the sound, (in this case resonance), is amplified and the articulated harmonics become richer.
Simply stated, it is a way to bring more light into your life.

The cost of a custom base will depend on the size of the crystal and the degree of difficulty required to mount the crystal. The price range for a bronze base is normally between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Please contact us if you have questions about creating a custom base for your crystal or mineral.

We have custom bronze base sculptures for sale.


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