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> Hand Held Crystals

Hand Held Crystals

Hand Held Crystals

Crystal wands are commonly cut in 6, 8, or 12-sided shapes. Each different configuration of angles will create a different harmonic in the way the energy moves through the crystal. A majority of our wands are cut from electronic grade natural single quartz crystals. By respecting the individual nature of each crystal, I cut the wand with a configuration of angles that optimizes the nature of that particular crystal. Thus each crystal is cut uniquely and no 2 wands are identical.

For more information on crystal wands click here

Upon request, I will cut a wand specifically for you.

Each crystal is worked by hand in our studios at Lawrence Stoller - CrystalWorks.

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5 Sided Citrine Star


Sculpted quartz with blue tone


Light champagne citrine pentadodecadedron


Light rose quartz balance and harmony with a red iron streak


Clear quartz 8 sided round bottom generator


Double terminated citrine


Chlorite phantom in quartz


Chlorite in quartz


Etched quartz with rutile


Smoky citrine with phantom


Natural and polished ametrine